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All bikes pass a 54 point check. There's finance, insurance, roadside recovery and more...More details

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Reasons to buy your next Used Motorcycle from us

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It is not unusual to have hundreds of motorcycles available for inspection and test rides. Each bike having been checked thoroughly to make sure it’s safe and represents great value. Our team of expert mechanics have made sure of the excellence and roadworthiness of each machine, making sure each bike passes a 54 point mechanical and safety check before it goes on the showroom floor.

The brands and types of bikes will vary depending on sales and demands but we usually have the following brands:

Aprilia BMW Ducati Harley-Davidson
Honda Kawasaki KTM Piaggio
Suzuki Triumph Yamaha  


As well as various brands you will also find Learner approved, not to mention the various riding types such as:

Sports Road Motorcross  
Touring Cruiser  Naked  
Scooter Classic    


But it’s not just the great bikes, finance assistance is available on our used motorcycle lineup, checkout our range of used motorcycles and if you see something you like, fill in the form and an expert will call or email you to assist.

Everyone has a story to tell of being stranded by the roadside. For all our customers we provide a roadside recovery service. For a flat fee ($150 at the time of writing this section) per year you get unlimited bike recovery anywhere in Australia for any reason; flat battery, flat tyre, mechanical failure, whatever! Let me repeat, unlimited anywhere in Australia!!

There are many reasons to buy a used motorcycle from Sydney City Motorcycles, but here’s another.  All our customers get invited to a free maintenance training evening. Experts will provide training for basic maintenance needs (oil selection and change, chain maintenance and tensioning etc.) plus they will answer any question you bring on the night.

Lastly, all customers are inviting to a regular ride day (subject to covid restrictions and minimum numbers attending). This is a guided ride approximately 2 hours long where there is good roads, good scenery and a chance to meet with other riders.

Should you buy one of our great used machines, you will find we have a wide variety of motorcycle accessories at discounted prices that you can take advantage of. In fact, we are happy to say we are a one stop shop when it comes to selling motorcycles; accessories, finance, insurance, warranty and roadside recovery.

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